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piscoWhen talking about Peruvian drinks, the first that comes to mind is the Pisco, Peru's National Drink; Pisco Sour is a typical cocktail to welcome guests or start a Peruvian meal. But there are many other options: Peru produces some very good mostly red wines and delicious beers. And for all non-alcoholics try Chicha Morada or Peruvian Limonada and be prepared for Peru's very sweet soft drinks.

Peruvian Pisco Sour
Peru's Most Popular Cocktail (alcoholic)

pisco sourOne of the most popular cocktails in Peru is the Pisco Sour. It is based on the Pisco (kind of brandy) and the first creation originated in Lima in the early 1920s. There are many stories who created it first and even international discussions (between Peru and Chile), but nevertheless it is a must for every Peru visitor.
Apart from the Pisco other main ingredients are lime juice, egg white and sugar syrup. Usually the cocktail is served in three sizes: Single, Double or "Catedral" (Cathedral). When prepared right the drink is a fine balance between the quite strong Pisco (alcohol percentage of between 42% and 52%), the intense lime juice and the sweetness of the sugar syrup. Be careful when ordering your first Pisco Sour Catedral as the mix is very deceptive...


piscos Pisco (Aguardiente de Pisco = full name) is Peru's national drink and the pride and joy of every Peruvian. Pisco is a kind of brandy with a percentage of alcohol between 42% and 52%. It's distilled from grapes grown in the Ica region (south of the capital Lima). The Pisco is mostly colorless; sometimes it has a slightly amber tone. The most popular cocktail made from Pisco is Pisco Sour, a delicious combination of Pisco, lime juice, egg white and syrup. An absolute must for every Peru visitor!

The four main types of Pisco are:

Pisco Puro

The Pisco Puro is made from the black Quebranta grape and very dry. This type of Pisco is mostly used for cocktails and mixed drinks.

Pisco Acholado

The Pisco Acholado is created from a mixture of various grapes. This blend is very tasteful and can be drunk as a shot.

Pisco Aromático

The Pisco Aromático is only produced from Muscat, Moscatel, Italia or Torontel grapes. It is very fruity with an intense flavor. This Pisco variety makes a great aperitif.

Pisco Mosto Verde

The Mosto Verde Pisco has much higher sugar content then other Pisco types as it is made from not fully fermented grapes creating a very rich aroma and should be enjoyed in its pure form. The sophisticated production process makes it also the most expensive Pisco.




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